About Us

Established in 2009, we have since been serving the General Factories, Building Constructions, Manufacturing Industry and Photovoltaic Plant. The main principle of Anzenet is to safe-guard the people, property and the environment.

Our consultants have a broad range of experiences and skills in managing occupational health and safety issues in the workplace. Consultants assigned to client has the necessary expertise to competently fulfill the requirement of the contract. They are chosen to ensure that they have suitable knowledge of the work environment and the specific contract work.

We strongly believe that it is essential for clients to be allocated with a consultant who can readily adapt to the organization's culture and understanding on how the business operates. Our consultants are supportive and flexible in their teamwork approach. Client will be assured that they definitely beneficiate from engaging Anzenet for a competent and professional service.

Our Vision

To become a leading body in the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Profession.

Our Mission

To protect people's health, safety and environment by ensuring risks in changing workplace are properly eliminated or controlled to enhance the environment. To heighten Health and Safety awareness by imparting knowledge and skills.